Pen & Cob Juveniles

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Pen & Cob JuvenilesPen & Cob Juveniles


Swans really are captivating.  When they first hatch they are not the pristine white color we normally associate with them when they are mature.

When they are born, they have very fluffy down which is either gray or brown providing them with some natural camouflage.   They need all the help they can get as the cygnets (young swans) are susceptible to many predators.

These juveniles arran be recognized by the transformation in the coloration of their feathers.  The gray and brown feathers gradually begin to be replaced by the white feathers.  It will take about 2 years for the transformation to become complete when the iconic white feathers will be in full display.

The female (the Pen) is on the right; the male (the Cob) is on the left.  Can you tell the difference?





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