Almost Hidden

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Almost HiddenAlmost Hidden


Great horned owls have the largest and widest distribution range of any American owl.  They tend not to migrate, but remain as year round residents of their location.

They do not build nest, but take over nests like those of squirrels.  Their feathering is such that they tend to blend in with their surrounding like the one in this photo.

While they are called Great Horned Owls, they do not have horns, but the feathers covering their ears stand up like horns.

Adults have little to fear from predators as they are very fierce.  They have the ability to prey on other large predator birds which amazingly enough includes ospreys and peregrine falcons.

They have very strong talons and their grip does not let any prey to escape.  In fact they often use their grip to crush the spine of their prey.



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