What's Happening Here

April 22, 2021  •  2 Comments

What's Happening HereWhat's Happening Here


Every day during the past 2 weeks, this blue heron has been showing up along the shoreline.  Previously it had shown up periodically to stalk its next meal, but never on a daily basis.

In addition, each day it has kept getting nearer to the swans' nesting area.

When I captured this moment, I first thought that the heron was paying a visit to Mom to see how she was doing.  That impression came from the fact that I saw no reaction from either swan (Dad was in the middle of the lake).

My friend and photo guru, who I also refer to as the "Birdmeister" made it clear that this was not a friendly visit.  In fact, the blue heron was checking to see of any of the eggs had hatched so it could try and steal one of the babies - - a cygnet -- for its next meal.  

My best guess is that when the cygnets are born, the reception for the blue heron will not be welcoming!



Alisa Lira(non-registered)
Best wishes for the babies.
Yolanda Fleischer(non-registered)
Hope the new 'babies' stay safe. What isn't the 'daddy' near the 'mommy'?
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