Insect with a History

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Insect with a HistoryInsect with a History


Here is something that caught me by surprise. “Dragonflies were one of the first insects to occupy earth.  Although they may seem small now, dragonflies evolved from much bigger ancestors.  According to research, the early dragonflies about 300 million years back had wingspans of two and half feet.” (Source:


The blue dragonfly is also called the Blue Dasher. They are part of the skimmer family and are found primarily in the US and Bahama.  Now they grow from 1 to 1.5 inches on average which is a lot smaller than 300 million years ago.


Like hummingbirds they can see ultraviolet light giving them the ability to see colors beyond what humans can see. 


They also have great skills in motion detection and can see all directions at once at the same time. Combined, these attributes provide them with superior hunting skills.  Reportedly their strike success rate is 955 making it an almost certainty their target will be caught.


A single dragonfly can eat up to 100 mosquitos a day which is a real plus.  We sight the on our deck daily and rarely if ever are bothered by mosquitos. 


Just think, if they were the same size as they were millions of years ago, we might be the target !!!!




Excellent information! Thanks! I’ll share this with Olivia who is now my go to person to join me on my dragonfly searches. No one else is as interested. Another reason granddaughters are wonderful!
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