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Guestbook for Charlie Newman
Michael Bone(non-registered)
You've truly got some award-winning shots here! Keep up the great work!
Yolanda Fleischer(non-registered)
So many of these need enlarged, printed and framed. All of the foliage is beautiful. I jumping deer teared me up!
Keith Sanders(non-registered)
Fantastic photographs! Makes you feel the essence of the subject.
Don Kugler(non-registered)
Congratulations on your passion and views of life as it is. I am very fortunate to have met you years ago, when we were all fairly young. These pictures are the products we all wish to share thru our eyes, but for one reason or another do not take or have the time to go out and pursue the passion that you have. I for one look forward to visit the places that you visit. The pictures are fantastic. Keep sharing, please.
Paul Steinkraus(non-registered)
These look fantastic, Charlie! You have a gift for artistically capturing some very moving images. As always, it's not the camera, but the photographer behind it. (No one would think of asking an artist what brush he uses, in order to be able to paint like him.) I look forward to seeing more material from you on this site. All the best, Paul